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In VIPA, sustainability has always been the norm. From how we perceive business to how we execute them, our Group strives to behave towards all its stakeholders, including the environment, with respect and integrity. Help us expand our understanding of the most significant impacts on our stakeholders by participating in our materiality survey.

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Our Mindset 

01 — Our Values

We are a family business to the core. Our proactive and agile teams are handling our business partners with care and attention. We encourage innovation by supporting open dialogues and the freedom of expression. We strive to become better in multiple aspects, day-by-day, so we promote sustainable development, while our partnerships are based on respect and mutual understanding

02 — Our Mission

Our mission is to turn the tide in the fight to preserve the environment, by enhancing the recycling process through the circulation of materials, and by increasing product and procedural quality through the adoption of relevant laws and standards

03 — Our Vision

Our vision is to embrace innovative thinking by constantly assessing our business environment for new opportunities. With our champions' state of mind, we strive to pursue a circular economy, while we both engage with and benefit our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders

Our Policies

We seek to comply with all the relevant regulations of our industry, and we expect our partners to aim accordingly. That is why we gathered our corporate beliefs and orchestrated the VIPA Group Code of Conduct (CoC).

Our Code constitutes a detailed roadmap of our ethical mindset while setting the basis of where we are at present and what we want to achieve in the future. In alignment with the CoC, we also developed our Sustainability & CSR policy to validate our vision and orient our procedures towards a more sustainable future for all.

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We are making a difference

We are striving to preserve the environment through more recycling and increasing recycling standards. Six decades ago we were amongst the first to take on this mission and take recycling seriously.

We have been busy improving our services through the decades, so thanks to the global network we have established, we are now making a real difference in environmental preservation.

Another way in which we are making a positive environmental impact is through the establishment of our sister company, Retripa, which is the largest provider of waste recycling services in French-speaking Switzerland.

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Sustainability Reporting 

Our commitment to Sustainable Development expands beyond our circular business model. We believe that transparency has a key role in implementing change and setting the Circular Economy in motion.

On that note, our Group established sustainability reporting to optimally identify the impacts of our operations on society, the environment, and the economy, including human rights, and to better inform our network of stakeholders.