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As leaders in recovered materials
we close the circular economy loop.

Partner with us today and see why we've never lost a client.

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Why partner with Vipa?

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Family values and great deals

Despite our global reach we are still very much a family business and handle our business personally, with care and attention, just as we have done since the 1960’s when our beginning coincided with the beginning of waste paper trading.

Founded and based in Lausanne, Switzerland we seek to strengthen existing partnerships and develop new beneficial ones by taking proper advantage of our global network and new opportunities so you get the best global deal.

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“We’re now able to offer you great deals on a whole range of recovered material at unbeatable freight deals from our new offices on the east and west coast of the USA. 

Trade with us today and see why we’ve never lost a client.”

- Marc Ehrlich, CEO Vipa Group

We are not just traders, but get our hands dirty too

Retripa is Vipa's sister company and offers recycling and recovering solutions. With headquarters in Crissier and 5 other stations throughout Switzerland, Retripa is the largest provider of waste recycling services in French-speaking Switzerland.

Watch the video and visit Retripa's website to find out more.

A healthy planet is our heart beat
and we are beginning to make a difference.

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