5.12 Used kraft sacks

5.12.00 Used kraft sacks
Clean used kraft sacks. May be printed or unprinted or may be wet-strength or non wet-strength. May include plastic layer papers.

Non-paper components max. 1 %
Total unwanted material max. 2 %

5.12.01 Used kraft sacks with plastic layer papers
Clean used kraft sacks with plastic layer. May be printed or unprinted and may contain wet-strength or non wet-strength plies.

Non-paper components max. 0.5 %
Total unwanted material max. 1 %

US Guideline PS-2018 equivalents

PS 15 Used brown kraft
Consists of used brown kraft bags free of objectionable liners and original contents.

Prohibitive materials none permitted
Outthrows plus prohibitives may not exceed ½ of 1%

15-S Contaminated bag scrap