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Our planet is fighting to survive what humans throw away.
But we are now making a difference.

And that is the motivation behind all we do.

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We have also saved:

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6 Super tankers
of crude oil

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1 year of electricity
consumed by LA & Chicago

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26000 cars
worth of CO2 emissions

If we continue expanding at current rates
these figures will triple for the 2020 - 2025 period.

Partner with us and make a difference too.

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We are making a difference

Our mission is to turn the tide in the fight to preserve the environment through more recycling and increasing recycling standards. Six decades ago we were amongst the first to take on this mission and take recycling seriously.

We have been busy lobbying and improving our services through the decades, so that thanks to the global network we have established, we are now making a real difference for the environment.

Another way in which we are making a positive environmental impact is through the establishment of our sister company, Retripa, which is the largest provider of waste recycling services in French-speaking Switzerland.

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We are making recycling more environmentally friendly. Surprised?!

You could be forgiven for assuming that all recycling is environmentally friendly, but where there is insufficient monitoring, sub-standard products are slipping through the system with higher percentages of harmful products than standards allow.

We have a wealth of inspectors whose presence and work not only ensures we only trade products that comply to the standards, but also push industry practices up, since as the largest independent global trader, and largest overall trader in Europe, our influence on the industry is paramount. We have been awarded in Switzerland for our influence and values in the industry.

Our care for the environment extends to our customer care too.
95% of our clients re-order with us every month. We've never lost a client.